The following prestigious prizes are available from the society . They are available to all trainees, SAS grades , Medical students who are from the region or presenting work originating in the region

Ordinary Meeting Prizes awarded at Autumn and Spring Meetings

Best Oral Presentation at the Meeting – £250

Best Poster Presentation at the Meeting – £100

Best Presentation by a Medical Student (must be first author) £50 (or a higher award if they win one of the above 2 categories.


Annual Awards

The George Seed Prize

This prestigious prize is available to all trainees and SAS grades who have performed a substantial piece of work. It is awarded at the Spring Meeting and all submissions must be received by the 15th January of that year . It is aimed to recognise and reward research efforts in any field The value of the award is £1000. The award is solely at the discretion of the council.

The complete paper will be published in Clinical Otolaryngology. And the winning applicant will be required to present their paper to the Society at the Spring Meeting.

Please email all submissions to with “George Seed” as the subject

All submissions must be written as a complete paper and follow the guidelines for authors as given by Clinical Otolaryngology ( )

The Travelling Prize

This prestigious prize is awarded to those who are embarking on a fellowship or substantial visit to departments abroad. It is not awarded to fund meetings etc. The sum available is £1500 and all or part may be awarded if there are deemed to be multiple suitable candidates. The award is solely at the discretion of the council. It is awarded at the Spring Meeting with applications deadline being the 1st February of that year. This award is not given retrospectively

To apply please write a submission detailing your visit and it’s aims with a letter from the host unit and your Educational supervisor confirming your fellowship

All successful candidates must present their experience on their return at the next meeting and submit a 1000 word written report for publication on the website. Failure to do so may result in the society requesting repayment of the award.

All submissions are to be sent to with “travelling prize” as the subject.

The North of England Training and Innovation Prize – NOTI

This new award given by the society is for a department or region in the North of England. It can be used to support a new training initiative for the benefit of the trainees ie simulation equipment etc. The Prize is not intended to substitute funding that should come from other bodies ie Deanery, Hospital. This prize is intended for award at the Autumn Meeting with submissions received by the 1st September of that year.

To apply please write an application detailing the project with a covering letter from the departmental head. If successful the applicant will be required to write a 500 word report for publication on the website and the applicants may be asked to give a short presentation at the next meeting.

Please send all applications to prizes@noeent with “NOTI” as the subject