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Welcome to the North of England Otolaryngology Society!  On this site you’ll find all the information you need to register for our meetings, submit your abstracts, and apply for our generous awards. All junior grades and medical students are automatically members of the society, but for all those interested, seniors/ juniors alike, to join the mailing list so you don’t miss out on meetings etc please just fill in the form!


The next meeting is the Spring Meeting to be held at the Marriot Hotel, Manchester Airport on Tuesday 7th November 2017 and Hosted by Mr Jay Goswamy and Mr Rohit Kumar, Consultant ENT/Head and Neck Surgeons at Manchester University Hospitals. The day continues to be different from the “traditional” Friday so as to even out the cancelled hospital activity. We hope this will allow more of our senior members to attend and enjoy the day.There will also be the regular Trainee presentations and prizes given out together with awards for medical students. We are calling for submissions now- please just click this link .

A superb programme has been put together. A few meetings ago, members told us that to keep the niche of the NoE Society they would like to see speakers from areas that we deal with and refer to , thus we have in depth talks from SLT and respiratory physician colleagues this time. Also a Panel discussion with a difference – ” The Common Problems that we all see, think we all agree on but realise we don’t ” – If anyone thinks of a punchier title please email eg . a million ways to do things right , just a few ways to do it all wrong…”

To Register for the Meeting please just Click! Or the form can be found under the Meetings tab in meetings announcements and registrations

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Spring meeting Village Hotel , Bury on 18th March 2016. Key speaker is Daniel Sokol, ethicist and barrister "should drs tell the truth"!