prof stell

Professor Phillip Stell MBE

Professor of Head and Neck Surgery, University of Liverpool

The Stell lecture is now firmly established as one of the key events at the North of England Otolaryngological Society biennial meetings following his early retirement following a highly distinguished career as Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Liverpool.  During his time in Liverpool, he instigated a subspecialty in Head and Neck cancer surgery that attracted both patients and many visiting surgeons from afar.  He developed an interest in chemotherapy and was also one of the first in our specialty to set up a database and to accurately report on outcomes of head and neck cancer and its treatment.    

Although his surgical career was terminated early because of ill-health, he went on to develop a highly successful career as a historian at the University of York.  As a consequence of his services to history, he was awarded the MBE in 2004 and also had the rare honour of being elected as a Fellow to the Royal Historical Society.

Many of us will remember him personally, but his achievements will continue to inspire young trainees throughout time.  The Stell lecture is the perfect time to remember such a great man of our time.

Honourable Stell Lecturers to The Society

2000       Frans Boetz , Prof.  Stell’s first clinical fellow,  East Germany

2001       Transoral Laser Surgery, Prof Wolfgang Steiner

2002       Surgery for Vertigo’ Professor Jens Thomsen – Copenhagen

2003       ‘Functional Endoscopic Endonasal Laser Surgery’ Mr. S Kaluskar, Omagh,

2004       Head and neck surgery past, present and future  Mr Charles Vize, Bradford

2005       Thyroid Surgery-The Domain of Whom? Mr J.C. Watkinson, Birmingham

2006       Implanting the Auditory Pathway: Shifting Goal Posts, Richard Ramsden.

2007       Hearing outcomes after middle ear surgery, Prof George Browning, Glasgow

2008       Middle Ear Reconstruction, Robert Vincent, Beziers

2009       Current concepts in Head & Neck cancer, Prof Suren Krishnan, Adelaide

2010       Lessons learned from a career in Rhinoplasty  Ian Mackay, London

2011       Salivary Glands and other lessons, Prof Patrick Bradley, Nottingham

2012       A Career’s Experience of Head and Neck, Prof David Howard, London

2013       Head and Neck, The Mumbai Experience, Prof Anil D’Cruz, Mumbai

2014       Complex Rhinology and Sinonasal Tumors, Prof Valerie Lund, London

2015       Prof N Jones